Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cereal Rant

I love the 'new' retro designs that some cereals are bringing back to stores. The Cap'n Crunch boxes are a real treat to see.

Honestly, which characters look more appealing and easily readable? Jay Ward beats muddied, complex, over-air-brushed-in-Photoshop characters any day. What's sad is that the Rice Krispies characters don't have to look that way. They can be just as appealing if given the chance.
And on another note, what kid would be intrigued by the huge "Vitamin D" sticker versus the one that says "Free Collector Cards on Back"?

Perhaps most pleasing is that the retro stuff is starting to influence the non-retro cereals. I'll tell you that this Kix box design is the most clearest and easily read one on the shelf.

While the Trix bunny still has some air-brush issues, the lack of a fancy background helps everything read well.

Plus I like the pose. Look at those greedy hands.

Compare the Trix box to this monstrosity.

If there was ever a cereal that needed a retro re-branding, it would be Frosted Flakes.

I also saw this on my way out the store.

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