Sunday, October 3, 2010

Some Art

I've finally kind of figured out how to color things in Photoshop. The first time the line quality wasn't very good because of how light the ink was on the paper. I've started using tracing paper over the rough pencil and it takes the ink a lot better--nice and black.
So I've been scanning those in now and the result is much easier to work with.

The problem with these drawings though was that they were pretty small so I couldn't get a lot of detail in them. But I'll try it with bigger sketches soon.

I've been obsessed with To Kill A Mockingbird after I read it for the first time recently so I did some drawings of how I imagined the characters while reading it. I've seen the movie before but not for a long time, so those images weren't populating my own interpretation.

And here are some characters from a comic strip I'm planning out. They are friends of the main character.

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