Monday, July 18, 2011

Coconut Short Update

Getting through the line-work now. I started out not wanting a great variance in line thickness as I thought it would give the animation more continuity (I've had Flash line-variance-agony before) but as I got through some animation with a really thin line, I found that every little bump and blood pulse in my hand shows through. Adding color helps hide it but I decided a slightly thicker line would be less of a headache.
Speaking of headache, looks like Sen here is in the process of getting a headache as well (or a very serious concussion).

So I'm nearing the end of line work now. One thing I'd do differently next time is, and I've only realized I skipped a step now after some agony, that I'd do the rough animation, then do a cleaned up version, then do the line-work. It's frustrating making up some things on the spot with the final lines over the particularly rough drawings. Things like hair and body mass become inconsistent.

And another thing; I seem to be more accurate when Sen is exaggerated than when he's perfectly on model. It still feels like night and day drawing on the Bamboo tablet compared to drawing on a piece of paper though.

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