Saturday, August 18, 2007


There was a zombie walk on Friday that I dearly wanted to attend but alas, my friend Kyle couldn't go and it's no fun to eat brains without a companion by my side to take care of the rest of the body.
This dissapointment was alieved somewhat when I decided to go to Con dressed as a zombie in a somewhat 80's fashion.

But before the Con, Kyle and I had some scrambled eggs and English muffins. This turned out to be a mistake because while on our way to downtown San Diego I felt the push of a thousand nations steadily marching their way down my intestine and they had spears and arrows. Oh god... the pain.

We park and I dash to the bathroom dressed like a zombie. I had... zombie poo...

I felt better and we made our way to the convention center. We were some of the first people to get in so the Con was pretty empty. It was suprisingly small. I was dissapointed at first because I thought the Con would be bigger but as the masses started to push inwards the Con seemed to get bigger as I started to move slower amongst the crowd.

Amongst my sightings was a box man, an Optimus Prime made up of colored boxes, an over-weight Batman (who was scaring the children), too many Narutos and Final Fantasy characters (gigantic swords included), pig people (yes, more than one pig person), cat people (I did see a Catwomen but she's not a cat), a not-very-impressive Superman, Little Bo Peep, and, a personal favorite, an 8 foot tall robotic caveman (again, made up of boxes and giant robot shoes. He was bumping into everybody).
Box man below:

I headed over to the Slave Labor booth and got myself a copy of Jellyfist (which is awesome, by the way, except that some pages are a bit fuzzy. There's so much semen...) and got it signed by it's artist Jenny Goldberg (who returned my smile) and writer Jhonen Vasquez who is apparently very swanky.

I was at the DC booth and they were handing out free Watchmen posters. It was funny because they were asking the people before they gave them a poster if they'd read Watchmen and they'd say, "Uhhh, yeah," and smile.
I also got a Johnny the Homicidal Maniac poster which was bigger than I thought it would be when I unrolled it. The colors are really cool in it.

And another picture so you can see how big it is:

At the end of Comic-Con I was very tired and happy to get into a car if only so I could sit down.
When we got back to Encinitas we went out and had some dinner and then headed over to La Paloma theater for a helping of Poetry Slam and since this was my first time going I didn't know what it would be like.
I hadn't screamed like that since the Daft Punk concert and man it was fun going. I of course didn't recite poetry but you boo and hiss the judges and their scores for the performance a person gives depending on whether you think it's too low or too high. Kyle screamed, "Just DIE!!!" It was great fun and wouldn't mind doing it again sometime. It's just too bad I had this headache rocking my head. I think that made me a little more irratable towards the judges.

Then we headed over to 7-11 around eleven o' clock and I had some hot chocolate while Kyle had a Slurpee. Someone accused Kyle of being faded but they just saw him accidentally stumble and Kyle was actually sober. But the people weren't (the accusing one wasn't wearing a bra either and was covered with sand).

It was a very eventuous night and I had a lot of funnnnnn.

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